Le Chat Touille

Le chat touille is a NEW quirky, eclectic, cafe and resto  in Saint Gilles where you can play with CATS! Yes, real live cats live on the premises and patrons are able to cuddle and pet them during their dining experience. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12h00-20h00.


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Atmosphere? Relaxed, quirky, entertaining

Service? Order at the table

WiFi? Yes

Food Options? Salads, hot dishes, desserts – many with a Polish twist

Drink Options? Coffee, tea, beer, wine, cocktails

To go? No

Price Range? Inexpensive to mid range

W/C? No

How many tables? About 4 low tables, 3 seats at counter in window, 4 regular sized tables. There are even low stools that double as a cat house!

English Friendly? Yes

Kid Friendly? Kids are welcome, but may not be left unsupervised while interacting with the cats

Locals or Tourists? Locals

Public Transportation? Trams 92, 97, 81, 82; Stop: Janson


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