Aksum Ethiopian Coffee House

Aksum is an Ethiopian coffee house located near Grand Place that serves authentic Ethiopian coffee in a cozy atmosphere. Check out the coffee or tea ceremonies that are available upon request. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10h00-19h00

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Atmosphere? Cozy, quiet, friendly, located in an old bookstore with tons of charm

Service? Order and pay at the bar

WiFi? Yes

Food Options? Daily quiche, tarts, other pastries, speculoos cheesecake

Drink Options? Coffee, Tea, juice and  ethiopian soft drinks, South African red and white wine, hot chocolate, The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is for 2-10 people, 60-90 minutes, reserve in advance, only available Tuesday-Friday 40 Euros.The Senegalese Tea ceremony is for 2-5 people, 30-45 minutes, available Tuesday-Friday for 15 Euros with reservation

To go? Coffee, tea, Coffee beans/grounds for sale

Price Range? Inexpensive

W/C? Yes

How many tables? About 7 two person tables inside. 3 tall tables inside, 3 tables outside

English Friendly? Yes

Kid Friendly? Not particularly because it is quiet and small, but outside there is room for children to play

Locals or Tourists? Both

Public Transportation? Metro: Central Station *Bus will get you closest


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