Bocca Moka

A cute coffee and bagel house located in St. Gilles close to Place Stephanie. It is open Monday-Friday 7h30-18h00 and on Saturday from 8h30-18h00.

photo 1-2 photo 2-2 photo 3-2 photo 4-2

Atmosphere? Hipster, bright, friendly

Service? Order at the counter and they will bring it to you!

WiFi? Yes

Food Options? BAGELS! (with the option of just cream cheese!) Sandwiches, Salads, Fruit, Dessert, Muffins, Yogurt

Drink Options? Hot and iced coffee, slow coffee, tea, iced tea, smoothies, hot chocolate, bottled drinks in cooler

To go? Yes, everything

Price Range? Inexpensive

W/C? Yes

How many tables? About 8 tables, sofa, bar at the front with 5 stools, and a terrace out back

English Friendly? Yes, but will practice your French with you!

Kid Friendly? As long as they aren’t running around like animals

Locals or Tourists? Locals

Public Transportation? Trams 92, 93, 94, 97; Stop: Stephanie. Closest metro: Louise


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