Forcado Pastelaria

Forcado Pastelaria is cheerful, Portuguese patisserie located in St. Gilles. Closed Mondays, open Tuesday-Sunday 10h00-18h00

Forcado photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Atmosphere? Quiet, bright, welcoming

Service? Extremely warm staff, family owned, happy to explain their products

WiFi? Yes

Food Options? Pastries (some are gluten free!), jams (to take away)

Drink Options? Coffee, Tea, Portuguese Wine (to take away)

To go? Pastries, jam, wine

Price Range? Inexpensive

W/C? Yes

How many tables? About 10 tables, two lounge chairs, and a sofa for relaxing

English Friendly? Yes, also French, Dutch, and Portuguese!

Kid Friendly? Room for strollers, but it is a quiet atmosphere

Locals or Tourists? Locals

Public Transportation? Trams 92, 97, 81, 82; Stop: Janson


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